DWI Defense

Ray Raimo is renown to be the finest DWI defense lawyer in the State of New Hampshire.

Drunk driving laws in New Hampshire, as in nearly every other state, have evolved over the years. Legislators have found that championing stiffer penalties for drunk drivers is a reliable popular political issue. These changes have been designed to produce more and faster convictions and license suspensions. In addition legislators have done everything possible to limit the rights of accused drivers

From the Massachusetts border north, clients charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs seek out Attorney Raimo.

Attorney Raimo's ability to analyze a situation, discover favorable facts or circumstances is unparallelled. The respect garnered with the police and prosecuting authorities he has dealt with for many years result in speedy and favorable resolution for his clients.

If a negotiated fair resolution is not achieved, Attorney Raimo will present a vigorous defense before the trial court and the Department of Safety Bureau of Hearings.

This service is offered at rates significantly lower than other professionals in this area of practice.