Criminal Law

Ray Raimo has been practicing criminal defense since 1979. He has handled and tried thousands of misdemeanor cases in New Hampshire Courts, and thousands of felony offences ranging from drug offenses to murder.

In the area of Criminal Defense, Attorney Raimo and Attorney Gallagher represent criminal defendants in matters ranging from homicide to serious traffic violations. Trial lawyers in the New Hampshire Superior Courts, District Divisions of the New Hampshire Circuit Courts, and the New Hampshire Supreme Court, Attorney Raimo and Gallagher provide a vigorous defense for you. Whether you are being investigated for an offense, just got arrested, or just need advice about your situation, Attorney Raimo and Gallagher are champions of the rights of their clients.

Your best chance for a favorable outcome is hiring an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. In a criminal case, it is the defense lawyer who stands between the accused and the full weight and resources of the State. The prosecutor will do everything possible to obtain a conviction; you should do everything possible to protect yourself.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime in New Hampshire, contact Ray Raimo or Andrew Gallagher for a free consultation.

Attorney Raimo personally handles each case to ensure that clients have the very best chance to have cases resolved in the best way possible. While each client may have different goals and different needs, each deserves and receives individual attention. In many large firms clients may conference with their principal attorney while much of the actual work is performed by less experienced paralegals or associates. That is not how Attorney Raimo will address your case.